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1st: AxewarriorRBLX
2nd: Olegs1
3rd: swinki99
4th: CrysticMyst
random: Lucy_Katherine

Each of you have been given VIP for free / an upgrade.
Votes have now been reset

The prizes for the August voting may be a little different, we'll be posting more information on this in the upcoming days. There may be gaming hardware, games, and more up for grabs as a reward for voting. This may or may not be for the top voters, or, every single time you vote you'll be entered into a raffle.
More info soon. Keep Voting!
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As I'm sure all of you are aware, staff applications are now closed. The bar was set really high this time with applications, so it took us a while to read each app and narrow it down. However, after a long process we succeeded in finding a new set of moderators!

The new additions to the staff team are:

[​IMG]Savona (Sav)
[​IMG]xTumblrSamx (Samii)
[​IMG]TropicalApple (Whyum)
[​IMG]katiekat10198 (Kat)


Don't worry if you weren't accepted. Feel free to re-apply once we open wave two in a few months, when we require more moderators The new team has already settled in and have started helping the community. Make sure to say hi and thank them for the work they've already done!

-Jambo & The Team.
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Moderator Applications

You can submit a Moderator Application by creating a thread in the this section of the forums:

Please make sure you read our guide before writing your application. You can read it here:

Please do not discuss your application here, if you have any questions about your application PM the Shadowblockz account. You will then get a direct response from staff.
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Website Updates

The way your account works on the forums has changed, for already registered members and for newly registering members. This should, prevent the majority of spam bots we receive on the forums along with ensuring a more secure way of linking your Minecraft Account to your forum account.

This has resulted in donors losing their ranks on the website, because all accounts have been unlinked. But don't worry! All you have to do is re-link your accounts and you'll get your ranks back when you join the server. New members who register will have to link their Minecraft Account with their forum account before they're able to access the majority of features on the forums. This is to prevent spam.

How to link your Minecraft Account to your forum account
1) Hover over your name in the top right-hand corner of your screen, then select "Minecraft association" on the drop-down menu.​
2) Follow the instructions presented to you.
3) Once you've successfully linked your Minecraft Account to your forum account, login to the server to validate/complete the process​


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why has it changed?

We've changed it so it's a lot more secure, and to prevent the majority of spam the forum receives.

Q: Is it safe?
Yes, it's 100% safe.
In order to ensure you are who you say you are, we need confirmation that you own the Minecraft Account in question. We decided on a secure way of doing this, by using a skin-based account verification system. You do not need to give us any of your Minecraft account details, or type in commands on the server. All you have to do is simply change your skin to one with encoded data (which does not impact your in-game skin at all - data outside visible region) via the link provided during the linking process. We'll do the rest.

Q: Is it compatible with mobile devices?
Yes, as far as we know.

Q: Can I change my skin after I've linked my account?