1. IP: Play.Shadowblockz.com


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1st: ProxiMonster
2nd: HybridNecromorph
3rd: ProxiCat
4th: pavlos880
random: cybermachine73

Each of you have been given either VIP for free.
If you already have VIP, please send me a private message here on the website and you will be sent a £10 coupon for the webstore.
Votes have now been reset!
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On November 27th Shadowblockz will be 3 years old! To celebrate this fantastic achievement there will be a 10% off sale on EVERYTHING in the Shadowblockz store until November 30th, along with a little decoration in the Hub and a Hub radio.

With only one week left of November we're working hard on this years 'Christmas Update' which will be published at the end of the week following Monday December 1st 2014. We will be also making drastic changes to the performance of servers throughout the week which should improve the overall performance or 'lag' on all servers within the network.

Thanks for being awesome!
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Hello everyone,

Helper Applications are now OPEN

You can apply here: http://shadowblockz.com/secure/helperapp

All applications are reviewed within 7 days of submission, with that said, sometimes due to an overflow of applications it may take a little longer to get a response. Complaining about this can get your application declined. Please don’t ask a staff member for the status of your application as it can hurt the chances of it being accepted and shows you can’t follow simple instructions.
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1st: ProxiCat
2nd: Xx_UltimateZ_xX
3rd: lekikidu89
4th: DCmalcolm
random: d0ni021200

Each of you have been given either VIP for free or have been sent a coupon for it via the website.
Votes have now been reset!