1. Winner of the first ever Shadowblockz KitPVP tournament: EnderExplodePvP

    IP: Play.Shadowblockz.com


by JaimyDS at 5:35 PM
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Hey there, reader.

You might have heard, and possibly contributed to our latest KitPvP Competition,
which was held at the 3rd of January 2015. The arena's that were used (A total of four)
were built by loyal members of the Shadowblockz community (in this case, staff members).

We are planning to create an official building team for the Shadowblockz Community to enjoy.
We can just ramble and play around on the creative server, or build official maps for (potential)
new gamemodes. So, in order for us to create an official team, we ofcourse, need other builders.
If you are interested in joining, let us know down below,
provided with a screenshot of your (latest) build.
And also, tell us a little about yourself!

Are you just a "terraformer", or good at building houses? We can probably use all those skills!

To mark what "level" you need to be on, we have provided you some screenshots of our own builds;
Flying islands arena, created by Valkyria4, Jambo_Squidge and JaimyDS

lightshot2.jpg Giant tree arena, created by JaimyDS, Jambo_Squidge and valkyria4

lightshot3.jpg Desert arena, created Valkyria4, Jambo_Squidge and JaimyDS
lightshot4.jpg 1v1 Arena, created by Valkyria4

These are not "the minimal requirement levels",
but this is just so you can compare your creations, and see your "building level".

We hope to see people's creations down below, and have an awesome day!
by Jambo_Squidge at 4:12 PM
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This is the current layout for tonight's competition, we have room for up to 6 more people :)
Feel free to check out your competitor.
by DJNinjaCrash at 11:13 AM
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1st: qenis19
2nd: Jambo_Squidge who gave it to toblerone1237
3rd: Koakuh
4th: Cheekysniperz100
random: eridan1628

Each of you have been given VIP for free.
Votes have now been reset!​
by Jambo_Squidge at 8:00 AM
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Hey! Over these past few days, we have been planning a large KitPVP tournament. This tournament is designed to be a bit of fun, (a chance to make some new friends perhaps?), and maybe an opportunity to win a nice prize. :)
The tournament will have a $50 entry fee, and we have lots of open slots. Unfortunately, due to timezones, not everyone will be able to play. Though the date is not yet confirmed, we are planning to host the tournament on Saturday 3rd January at around 8:00pm GMT. http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ <-- You can see what time that is for you, here.

The tournament will consist of several 1v1s at /warp c (which will be closed off and guarded). There will be people in spec to prevent hacking or cheating, and i plan to be there myself to inflict sanctions should it be necessary. If you are caught hacking during the tournament, it will be an automatic loss for that round, you will be pulled out of the tournament, and shall receive the usual punishment. (1 week temp-ban -1st offence) (permanent-ban -2nd offence).

The 'Loadout' for the tournament will consist of everyone receiving a kit VIP+ and some food. Your inventory will be checked before you play, and no gapples/enderpearls will be allowed, just regulation kit VIP+ and some food.

So, if you are interested in joining, AND you are sure you will be available on the day, please feel free to comment below asking to join. Please note that the old post in the 'shadowblockz discussion' has been scrapped, so you will need to re-enter. Please, only comment below if you want to apply, we don't need this thread getting spammy.