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The hub parkour leaderboard has been reset due to recent changes with the parkour course. Now's your chance to try and be at the top of the leaderboard by quickly completing the hub parkour!
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Another month rolls around and another boatload of things have happened. This month has seen the release of the new faction 1.9 server which seems to be a huge success. Anyway, on to the staff news (It's some big stuff)

The owner and I have decided to rework the entire staff system. We will be scrapping he entire T-Mod process and creating a new 'Helper' rank. Any new staff will receive this rank, as well as any current inactive mods. This rank can be thought of as a more relaxed staff position. It's essentially a chat mod, in which you have permissions for mutes, warnings and kicks. We feel as though this is a good starting point for new staff and will help them gain experience in the role, therefore reducing the frequency of false bans.

Now, why you're here; the actual staff changes. Since we've completely altered the system, many ranks have been changed, so I'll make a list of all the new helpers: @Samii @Katiekat10198 @Dark_Vampire_ @AndyRoo0521 and lastly, we welcome @Wickedbunny to the helper team for this month! Once again, if these staff show activity and potential, promotions to Moderator are always available.

Here comes the sadder part of the update. Due to other commitments, @Pizza_334 has decided to take a break from SBN. Also, as exam season rolls around, I too will have to focus my efforts elsewhere. Therefore, for the next few weeks you may not see me online or on the forums as much, however I'll do my best to keep up with news and monitor the staff team.

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1st: SkyBornPlays
2nd: elco_benoz
3rd: Mathiasdenseje2
4th: _Defalt__
random: _rlm1997_

Each of you have been given VIP for free / an upgrade.
Votes have now been reset!
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The Shadowblockz creative server has now been updated to fully Minecraft 1.9. However, this did not involve resetting the world so all your builds are still there. The plot system has been slightly changed, but changed in a way which only introduces new features instead of removing them. For example, users who are MVP are able to download their plots as schematics by using /plot download.

There are several planned updates to creative, none of which will result in plots being lost. These updates will be published over the next week or two.

But for now, enjoy creative on Minecraft 1.9!