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After a long break, our lord and saviour @Valk has decided to return. He shall resume his position as admin where he left off. Remember to say hi when you see him in game!
by Jambo Squidge at 1:40 PM
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As usual, another month means some more staffing rotations. For several reasons, @Lord Dreamy has decided to step down from moderator, alongside @matt123777 who has also been removed from the team. We wish these loyal players luck with their future endeavours. Anchorbait has been shifted into the position of helper in which we hope he can focus on enjoying the game as a whole.

Now we move on to promotions. Due to increased activity following the towny reset, @Dark_Vampire_ and @Katiekat10198 have been promoted to moderator. It's also been a while since we added a new face to our team, and so we welcome @Inchall1 to the position of helper.

Thanks again for another great month. It's great seeing the playerbase start to steadily rise as updates are pushed out. More exciting stuff is on the way :)
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Final Tournament Leaderboard and Reward Summary

1st Minimills1020 - 1443 Points - £30 Coupon + Squid Pet
2nd MineHero43 - 1414 Points - £20 Coupon + Skeleton Pet
3rd JamboSquidge - 1013 Points - £15 Coupon + Chicken pet
4th NukaMaster - 911 Points - £10 Coupon
5th AhVeryNice - 484 Points - £10 Coupon
6th Emde2000 - 407 Points
7th Duckey_ - 362 Points
8th Stevenbf3 - 357 Points
9th Wickedbunny - 226 Points
10th Cookie_guy4477 - 197 Points

Reward winners should private message me in order to receive their prizes.
In total, 62 players took part in the tournament! Thank you all for taking part, and I look forward to running many more tournaments in the future.​
by DJNinjaCrash at 12:58 PM
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1st: By_Trojk
2nd: vDRTY
3rd: DerpyLulz
4th: hardenedpro10
random: Vagmaggas

Each of you have been given VIP for free / an upgrade.
Votes have now been reset!

The Egg Em All tournament will still be using the votes from June, however there may be another tournament next month which will also require a certain amount of votes to take part in. More details on this will be released after this months Egg Em All tournament.