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Halloween is approaching, and to celebrate we'll be offering -25% off everything in our store until November 3rd. We have also re-decorated the hub to be more "Halloween" themed, and we will also be running Halloween themed events during next week. More information about this will be posted at the start of next week.

We have made a few changes regarding donation perks for VIP and VIP+ members, tons of new perks have been added to ALL servers within the network, so be sure to check it out! LINK

Due to the removal of the Mini-Games Egg 'em All & WizardRumble we have decided to remove the Gold currency on Shadowblockz, so to make sure none of it goes to waste you can now exchange your gold for other currencies on any server within the network! But hurry, the exchanges may be removed in a week or two!

Further update posts will be posted over the next few days!
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Shadowblockz Factions v1.0 has been released!
There are still a few bugs here and there that need to be fixed, but it is now available to everyone! To join the faction server simply type /server factions, selecting the TNT icon in the teleportation menu (compass) or by walking into the portal in the hub!

Shadowblockz Skywars v1.0 has also been released!
After a few malfunctions with the lobby, everything now seems to be running smooth. More maps will be added in the near future but for now you can enjoy the 6 maps already on there! To join the Skywars server simply type /server skywars, selecting the Bow icon in the teleportation menu (compass) or by walking into the portal in the hub!​
More servers are currently in development and will be released over the next few weeks!

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The rather large update containing a large amount of new content has been pushed back until October 10th 2014 due to more work being needed in order to make the update as stable and as smooth as possible.
(The update may be published earlier depending on certain factors)

Staff Application Status: CLOSED
We will be accepting staff applications after the update. An announcement WILL be posted on the homepage when applications are open. There will be a dedicated section on the website where you can submit your applications.
Any application submitted before will be automatically denied.

We'll keep you updated on social networks, and right here on the website.
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1st: DaFlamingWolf11
2nd: Richaxe
3rd: MineHero43
4th: Simon796_
random: call_me_ginger

Each of you have been given either VIP for free or have been sent a coupon for it via the website.
Votes have now been reset!