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As another month goes by, the staff team has had some changes to members and responsibilities. I will start with the sad news, as we say goodbye to some amazing people, who made a difference to the community. We would like to say goodbye to @Britland and @Inchall1. Britland has been the manager of the build team for a while now, as well as a very approachable and helpful moderator. Inchall1 has worked very hard as a helper, and had to sadly resign after some personal problems. As well as some staff resignations, we see some helpers being moved to the moderator position. I would like to congratulate @GummieBear047 and @EverFell on their awesome work as helpers. I know they will both do amazing in the moderator role, with elevated responsibilities and permissions. I encourage everyone to congratulate the new moderators, and farewell some exceptional people as staff members. We have some awesome new features on their way, and everyone should be excited for these new updates.

-Written by Wicked cause i'm super lazy
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Hello everyone,

The old template for the Builder Application was very outdated. It seems that many people did not make their applications clear enough, so hopefully this new template will make things more clear. You must provide at least 5 images for each build, and make these images publicly available. Do not use any texture packs or shaders when taking the images. And, please remember to be creative with your builds. Quality over quantity!

In Game Name:

Birth Date:

Do you have a Skype account? (If yes, please do not post here. We will request upon accepting):

Images of your builds on SB (If any, please provide more than 5 pictures for each build):

Coordinates of those builds (If any, please provide more than 5 pictures for each build, and please specify which server they are on):

Explain why you should be in the build team:

Images of your builds from anywhere (If any, please provide more than 5 pictures for each build):

Do you have a Skype Account?:
(If yes, please do not post it here. We will request upon accepting)

Failure to complete this form correctly will result in an immediate rejection, no matter your building skills. Please be patient, and do not ask staff or builders to review your application; it will be denied if you do so. If your application is rejected, please wait 2 weeks before applying again.
If you have any questions ask me anything anytime, either by my skype, ItsGoldeey , or either in-game or by message.
Lastly, In order to apply just send me a message with the format as seen above.
Thank you, and good luck!​
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1st: Sherlock21
2nd: NickDotMC
3rd: 9iceman
4th: vDRTY
random: chicken135

Each of you have been given VIP for free / an upgrade.
Votes have now been reset!
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Winners Have Been Picked!
1st Place: Thecoolaid12
2nd Place: Zeedonk515
3rd Place: Anchorbait

Hope you all enjoyed!

Hello People of SBN

I was reading a thread on the forums here, and someone wanted contests. They suggested a building
contest, and me being a builder I wanted to try one out. So here I am proposing a building contest
for you all!

Information On It
New Date: Sunday, August 28th. 4 PM EST.
The contest will go as follows:
You will be given a 30x30 area to build in on the day of the contest and you will have to create the build that will be given on that day (Hue hue, hiding the theme). You will have one hour to build the given theme, and then the builds will be evaluated by the judges. And of course, you will be provided with materials. The time designated will be when building begins, please arrive earlier then that as I will need to make sure that everyone is at the area. Late arrivals will be admitted however they will not be given extra time. Also make sure that it looks good in default, as that will be the texture it will be judged in.

Now then, I can't hold a contest without prizes now can I?
The prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
New Prizes!
1st Place will be awarded a rankup or if you can't be given a rankup (you're an MVP), you may give the rankup to another player. (If you don't want that we can work something out hopefully)
2nd place will be awarded with 250,000 multiplied by the amount of people that attend the event.
3rd place will be awarded half the amount of 2nd place.

I'm going to be laying down the law here, and if you break any of these you will be disqualified or worse.
1. Flying is strictly prohibited to give defaults and VIP's a fair chance against VIP+'s and higher.
2. Do not mess with other players (i.e. walking around their area if you finished and bothering them, etc.)
3. Do not build before time begins and do not build after time stops.
4. Only one person per plot, also do not build outside your assigned plot.
5. Do not use materials that have not been provided for you within the chests at each plot. (You may craft things with the blocks provided.)
6. Build team members are prohibited from participating, however they have been given the privilege to judge the builds along with me.

That means rules, prizes, etc.

If you have any issues, I'd prefer it if you sent me (Axewarrior) a conversation here on the forums.

Also please say if you will be participating here, as I would like to make sure I have set up enough plots for people to build in.