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1st: Koakuh -> Keliy
2nd: MineHero43 -> IVAN_2205
3rd: valdarok2
4th: dewsam
random: Sherlock_Shears

Each of you have been given VIP for free / an upgrade.
If you wish to give your reward to another player, because you already have VIP+, drop me a message.

Votes have now been reset!
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UPDATE 16:00: Bugs with KitPVP, you may lose your money upon changing your name
UPDATE 16:00: Confirmed - lose data on skyblock
UPDATE 22:23: You should no longer lose money upon changing your name on the KitPVP server. Making KitPVP fully UUID compatible (compatible with name changing)
UPDATE 23:58: Added temporary fix to Towns which should prevent players from being locked out of their town after changing their name.
UPDATE 00:23: Temporary fix has been added to Creative so that if you do change your Minecraft Username, you won't lose any of your plots.
UPDATE 1:07: Voting has now been fixed. Therefore, if you vote after you've changed your Username, your username on the leaderboard will be updated to your new one automatically the next time you vote.
UPDATE 12:54: New punishment system, which is more compatible with UUIDs/Name changing.
UPDATE 16:54: Re-added Lockette to Towny and Skyblock. To change your old [private] protections to your new name, simply right click the sign.


As of February 4th, name changing should be available to the public. This means you can change your Minecraft Username. You can find the official Mojang post announcing this HERE

At the moment on Shadowblockz we're still working on adding better UUID compatibility within all of our servers. This is mainly due to certain third party developers not actively updating their resources to include better UUID support. Therefore, when changing your username there's a risk of you losing data on our servers, which you won't be able to get back for 30 days.

Servers which should be compatible with name changes:
(Temporary Fix)

Servers which are not currently compatible with name changes, but are being worked on:
Skyblock - Players who change their Minecraft Username lose access to their islands temporarily until the Skyblock server reboots, then they regain access. Chest access is still currently denied.
Towns - Mainly chests, temporary fix has been added for town access.

All permissions/ranks will not be lost when you change your username.

Please report any issues/bugs regarding name changes within this thread.

If you do change your username and you do lose your data on the server there's not much we can do at this moment in time to fix it / return goods. We will be updating you on our progress towards full working UUID support, and we will notify you all when it is 100% safe to change your username.

I will try my best to answer all questions asked within this thread, regarding name changing.
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1st: allcoolbrandon12
2nd: 9iceman
3rd: Koakuh
4th: AllcoolAustin321
random: MariosProGR

Each of you have been given VIP for free / an upgrade.
Votes have now been reset!
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Hey there, reader.

You might have heard, and possibly contributed to our latest KitPvP Competition,
which was held at the 3rd of January 2015. The arena's that were used (A total of four)
were built by loyal members of the Shadowblockz community (in this case, staff members).

We are planning to create an official building team for the Shadowblockz Community to enjoy.
We can just ramble and play around on the creative server, or build official maps for (potential)
new gamemodes. So, in order for us to create an official team, we ofcourse, need other builders.
If you are interested in joining, let us know down below,
provided with a screenshot of your (latest) build.
And also, tell us a little about yourself!

Are you just a "terraformer", or good at building houses? We can probably use all those skills!

To mark what "level" you need to be on, we have provided you some screenshots of our own builds;
Flying islands arena, created by Valkyria4, Jambo_Squidge and JaimyDS

lightshot2.jpg Giant tree arena, created by JaimyDS, Jambo_Squidge and valkyria4

lightshot3.jpg Desert arena, created Valkyria4, Jambo_Squidge and JaimyDS
lightshot4.jpg 1v1 Arena, created by Valkyria4

These are not "the minimal requirement levels",
but this is just so you can compare your creations, and see your "building level".

We hope to see people's creations down below, and have an awesome day!