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1st: Olegs1
2nd: nikodeemus123
3rd: MessyMaks
4th: murrobby2001
random: koning_schaap

Each of you have been given VIP for free / an upgrade.
Votes have now been reset!
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Here at Shadowblockz, we've been using the same basic logo for a very long time. Which is very simple, and was created in a short amount of time. This was originally a place holder until we had a better logo to use. We forgot about this, until now.

So due to the fact that our community are very creative and talented, we are going to be holding a competition for a new Shadowblockz Logo! There logos will be judged by the Shadowblockz Staff team, and the winner shall be rewarded and fame shall be brought upon them. The competition will last at least 1-2 weeks.

Competition Status: OPEN

Competition Rules:
  • The work you enter must be your own.
  • The bigger the better. In terms of the size of the logo, try to create it rather large. This allows it to be rescaled when required. (Around 600x500 pixels minimum) There may be exceptions.
  • The logo must be related to Minecraft/Shadowblockz.
  • The logo should include the server name "Shadowblockz" (Not Shadowblockz Network).
  • You may submit two logos. Only if one is a large logo, and one is a small logo such as a server icon. Other than that you can only enter once.
  • The logo cannot contain watermarks. Though credit shall be given to the creator

How to enter:
  1. Create the logo(s)
  2. Post them in a response to this thread.

Posts not containing a logo, will be removed from the thread. This is to keep it clean and easy to judge the entries. If you wish to compliment an entry, use the like button :). Entries will be judged by our Staff. Rewards will be decided upon and given when the winner of the competition is chosen. (some rewards may be limited edition)

Rules & T&Cs Apply
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  • Hollow Eternity by Powelus
  • GuardianArena By Jambo_Squidge
  • LostDimension By Valk
  • JungleWarriors By Valk
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Today we say farewell to one of our most beloved, hard working admins, Valk.
Dedicated to Shadowblockz, he has put in days of hard work ensuring you all enjoy our services and has created loved content such as our Hub.

As of today, Valk has decided to resign from being part of our team, and rumours suggest he shall be continuing elsewhere within the Minecraft community.

Farewell Valk, we wish you luck for the future! :headphone: