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After two weeks of trying out the Monthly rank system, we've finally decided to go back to Lifetime packages.
There are now two lifetime packages, VIP and VIP+ (ascending order).

All donors have been given the highest rank (VIP+) which contains everything they had before.

We are currently in the progress of finalising the perks each rank gets, and we will post a full list of perks for both ranks within the next few hours!

Thank You for your patience
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The server will be under maintenance at 2:30PM BST on Thursday 14th August 2014.
You can find a countdown HERE to convert it to your timezone.

Maintenance Status: Finished
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Built By
JaimyDS, KraZYDuCKY123, thecoolaid12, Quiggers28, Joendavid​
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If you haven't read the previous post about the changes to our rank system, you can read it HERE
Please read it first, as it will explain a lot.

So, we've put together a basic list of perks Premium players will receive.
Here's the following list:

# Done
# Working on it
  • Your Tier’s Colored Name + Premium Tag
  • Ability to join full games / servers (greater priority)
  • Be invited to beta test new games / servers before they’re released
  • Ability to participate in donor competitions / giveaways.
  • Ability to apply to be staff.
  • Premium Hub / Premium servers (Possibly being added)
  • Wardrobe in the Hub
  • Exclusive Trails & particle effects in the Hub
  • Exclusive Premium tier hats in the hub, and hats on other servers within the network.
  • /ptime on Towns, Skyblock, Creative & Kitpvp
  • /pweather on Towns, Skyblock, Creative & Kitpvp
  • Exclusive Hub Gadgets
  • Exclusive Premium Only Pets (Currently only in the hub)
  • Exclusive Mounts in the Hub
  • Disguises on Hubs, Creative, Skyblock, Towns (Mobs / animals will be listed soon)
  • /nick on Creative, Skyblock, Towns, Kitpvp
  • Ability to change the colour of leather armour within KitPVP kits, and other upcoming MiniGames.
  • Access to the Hub Radio
  • Fire flares in Kitpvp with /flare
  • Send Rainbow Messages (Still work in progress)
  • Particle fountains to decorate your home in Towns, Skyblock & Creative
  • Shoot fireballs on Creative
  • Access to the firework command on Creative

We'll be adding more perks and it's status to this list when we find new ideas.

As you can see, it's quite a large list for the minimum price of £8. Even though it's a pretty big list we're still looking for more ideas so if you have any ideas comment them on this post. Please remember though, they have to be COSMETIC, this means they cannot restrict the gameplay in any way for normal players, give donors an advantage over normal players or cause unbalancing between non-donor players and donor players.

We look forward to reading any suggestions you may have!